rise against

domestic violence sa.

Registration Number: 2020/930270/08

259-457 NPO | ​PBO: 930073173

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Our team offers an array of legal services, including access to legal volunteers and a retired Magistrate, to provide guidance and support throughout your case, SAPS & Court System.

Our Victim Support program offers both men and women the necessary assistance to navigate their cases effectively. Moreover, we provide emotional support and legal guidance to victims and survivors.

Counselling and therapy for both victims and abusers is available through Vita Nova.

With 103 dedicated volunteers, our team advocates for enhancing public awareness on domestic violence and narcissistic abuse. All our services are free of charge to victims and abusers.

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Read about Zen’s

Private Prosecution on page 3.

This could be a ground-breaking case for victims in South Africa.

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women & men

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legal advice

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court support

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support groups

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emotional support

physical abuse.

The most common kind of abuse is physical abuse, this may take the shape of a variety of actions, including the following:

Hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, burning, strangulation, damaging personal property, and using coercion and employing weapons.

emotional abuse.

This is when a person tries to exert power and control over his or her loved one by any of the following behaviours:

putting people down by calling them names; putting all of the blame on the other person's partner; unhealthy jealousy; intimidation; shaming; embarrassing; isolation.

Being in control of everything.

Stalking, or cyberstalking, and harassment.

sexual abuse.

Involving a partner in sexual activity against their will, exploiting them online (revenge porn), having sexual contact with a victim when that person is either not fully aware of what's going on or is too afraid to say no.

During sexual activity, it is illegal to hurt your partner physically, force your partner to engage in sexual activity without protection, or try to stop birth control from working.

financial abuse.

Abuse of funds may refer to any activity that serves to preserve power and control over one's financial situation. Some examples are being directly or indirectly to blame for a partner losing their job, like when one of the following happens:

causing someone bodily harm or injury that would prevent them from going to work and being productive. Being harassed at the workplace, by maintaining control of their partner's financial assets while essentially placing them on an allowance. Taking out loans and using the money.

Bringing down the credit score of a spouse. These are naming a few.

other abuse.

Toxic and narcissistic individuals are capable of committing serious acts of abuse against their targets, including gaslighting, triangulation, hoovering, discarding, and spiritual abuse; this may also involve mental and emotional abuse.


mental abuse.

cyber stalking.



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what we do.

  • Legal Advice
  • Divorce Matters
  • Domestic Violence
  • GBV
  • Protection Orders
  • Criminal Matters
  • Assist SAPS Cases
  • Support groups - Legal, Women & Men WhatsApp
  • Access to guidance & Information.
  • Outsourced & Inhouse Counselling Online.

support only.

free to all.

founder of rise - determined to continue with private prosecution against her abuser.

It is time to hold perpetrators accountable in South Africa. This private prosecution could set a precedent going forward for all survivors, not just for Cybercrime or Revenge P*rn, but other domestic abuse matters too.


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message from our founder, zen williams

My name is Zen Williams, I am the Founder and a Director of Rise Against Domestic Violence SA.

My original intention was not to establish an organisation, but rather to share my story and experience with domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, and revenge porn.

Shortly after sharing my story, I realised that I was not alone and that others needed assistance, support, and direction, and through this, RISE was born.

RISE has remarkable volunteers who are the organization's backbone. We have support volunteers, legal volunteers, and WhatsApp groups for both men and women separately. Rise operates remotely through WhatsApp, allowing us to communicate with anybody in need who contacts us throughout South Africa.

We are one of the very few organisations in South Africa that aids both males and females, abuse victims and abusers.

I hope that RISE serves you as it has for thousands of men and women throughout South Africa.

There is life after abuse, I promise.

Zen Williams

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If you would like to read about Zen's experience, please follow the link...


We are constantly trying to grow our team, so if you are in a position to make a positive contribution and offer something back to the community, please follow the link and fill out an application. Join our dynamic group of volunteers and become a valuable member of our organisation.

There is no obligation placed on volunteers; you work whenever you are able to do so. All of our work is done remotely and mostly over WhatsApp.

We welcome anyone who has a passion for domestic violence and you fit the criteria below:

Lawyer / Advocate

Officer of the Law


Survivors of abuse and violence.

By using WhatsApp Support Groups, we are able to provide assistance and support to victims of abuse.

Click the "register" button below and complete the online volunteer application.

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message from our director, sam lehoko.

Since joining the organization in October 2021, I have learnt so much. Not only have I learnt more about myself, I have come to understand people far better than before and have come to know the true meaning of selfless service.

My decision to work on self, do the much-needed introspection and begin a journey of sobriety, have all led me to a place of peace, serenity, understanding and generosity.

My past includes a plethora of things; things that I finally chose to look at and face. The journey has been challenging. However, I now remain present in everything that I do, and choose to practice spiritual principles and values on a daily basis.

Having said that, I can confidently say that this is indeed, the essence of RADV.

Creating a space where you move from a place of fear, hardships, and pain, to a place of acceptance, resilience, freedom and growth.

I firmly believe and often remark that in order to help and support others, you need to start with yourself first. Making a decision to fill my very depleted cup, has allowed me to share the overflow of that cup with others.

I salute the founder, Zen Williams, for it is her very own journey that gave birth to and manifested in the founding of the organization, we call RISE. It is through overcoming her hardships, and her complete commitment to helping others who have been subjected to gender-based violence, that we have what we have today.

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